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Your vehicle is one of your most important investments; put your mind at ease while it is being worked on by reviewing the careful techniques our team uses to remove flaws from your paint.

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What is overspray?

Depending on how deep the scratches are, there are a variety of solutions. The most common is to try to buff the scratches out with a 3 stage process that involves changing pads and compounds as you smooth out the surface. The other option is to color sand (If the scratches are very deep, this method is more effective).

Overspray consists of any type of airborne paint or similar substance that lands on your car, sticks to the paint, and dries. For example, if your car is parked near a building that is being painted, the wind might carry tiny paint particles through the air that land and dry on your car.

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How is overspray removed?

The paint must be coated with a lubricant to set up a barrier between your paint and a special prep bar that will be massaged over it. The overspray sticks to the prep bar during this process, eliminating it on your paint's surface. The car must then be properly polished & glazed before resealing the paint and applying a good coat of carnauba wax. It is highly recommended to have a professional handle this type of problem to avoid causing damage to your car.

What is fallout?

Fallout is made up of airborne pollutants from all sorts of industrial pollution, including exhaust from industrial ventilation systems, aircraft fumes, and diesel fuel systems. These particles then float up into the air and bond together; once they get too heavy, they fall from the air and etch into the clear coat.


Fallout looks like someone sprinkled pepper on your car. These little specs are of an active iron mineral, and if left on the car, will start a rusting process that can permanently damage the paint. The vehicles most affected by fallout are often exposed to the elements for long periods of time, are parked outside frequently, parked at airports, or left in an industrial area for a long period of time.

How is fallout removed?

Fallout is removed using the same method to remove overspray.

What is oxidation?

Oxidation is dried up or sun damaged paint, like a sunburn that won't peel. There are many reasons paint will oxidize, but for the most part it is simply neglect.


Oxidation can be corrected by preparing the affected area to be buffed out with a variety of pads and methods, each of which is dependent on the severity of oxidation and the type of paint (foreign, domestic, clear coat, base coat, etc.). After this, it is polished and glazed, then resealed for longevity, and finally waxed for additional protection.

What are swirls?

Swirls are caused by either improper buffing equipment or techniques. This is frequent in the "Do-It-Yourselfer" or at the mass car washes where the towels are used over and over. Darker vehicles show the swirls more than the lighter colors due to the more intense reflection of light off of darker colors. Our staff is factory trained by product representatives to ensure quality work and to prevent these issues from occurring.

How are swirls removed?

A 2-3 stage buffing/polishing/glazing process can usually eliminate the swirl marks. Sometimes the swirls will be too deeply embedded in the clear coat, requiring color sanding to remove. This involves light sanding of your paint with a very fine sand paper before polishing it out. If you wish to avoid this extreme, the swirls can be maintained by frequent waxing, which will fill them in over time.

What are surface scratches?

These are tiny scratches in the clear coat or paint surface that do not go all the way through. Surface scratches are caused by a variety of things, including rubbing up against the surface of your car with anything sharp or abrasive, dragging things across your car's surface (boxes, briefcases, shopping carts, bicycles, etc.), or from your kids playing around the car.

How are surface scratches removed?

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